Author Topic: Correct Craft Grows again  (Read 1891 times)

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Correct Craft Grows again
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:44:41 AM »
Yesterday Correct Craft announced the acquisition of (2) boat companies, Bass Cat & Yar-Craft of Arkansas.

Is Bigger better??? Probably for the owners & stockholders, but the traditional, loyal  ski boat owner I doubt it. Vertical integration like buying your engine supplier is one thing but horizontal growth is another. Will Ski Nautiques in the future come with rod holders, and Bass Cats come with speed control, and wakeboard towers??
From Correct Craft:

    Correct Craft is the parent company of all the other companies and brands.
    Nautique is the company most known as being part of Correct Craft. Nautique builds the world’s best ski and wake boats and sells them in sixty-seven countries around the globe.
    Bass Cat is the bass fishing industry’s highest quality boat. It has a fourty-year heritage built by the Pierce family.
    Yar-Craft is the world’s premier walleye fishing boat.
    Pleasurecraft Marine manufactures the world’s best engines. The engine brands are PCM, Crusader, and Levitator.
    Aktion Parks is the world’s premier owner of cable and boat parks. Currently Aktion owns Orlando Water Sports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex with more to come!