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Bearing Buddies
« on: July 01, 2015, 07:35:17 AM »
"Bearing Buddy" is a is a brand of bearing protector used an many boat trailers. There are now clones available that use the same principals. These simple devices replace the stamped steel dust cap and are remarkable IF USED CORRECTLY! Here are a few common questions with answers;

SIZES: Most 3500# axles use the most common 1.980" model, other sizes include 1.781", 1.810", 1.938", 1.968", 1.980",2.240", 2.328", 2.441", 2.717"

INSTALLING / REMOVING: With the dust cap removed simply tap the new bearing Buddy on with a hammer tapping around in a circle pattern until fully seated. To remove I use a mallet to tap the sides of the bearing buddy, again in a circular pattern & "walk it off".

FILLING: Pay attention to the position of the bearing buddy piston aka diaphram where the grease fitting is threaded into. This part is spring loaded and has about a half inch of travel, (moves outward as grease fills the hub) Pump grease into the bearing buddy until you see the piston begin to move, add ONE more pump & STOP. Never keep pumping grease in until the piston backseats against the outer snap ring!

GREASE SPLATTER: Grease will splatter on wheels when the hub is overfilled! If you fill the hub until the piston hits the limit, then travel & heat the hub up the grease WILL expand and it WILL escape, or pop the bearing protector off the hub completely.