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Pre-Purchase check list
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:01:07 AM »
I get calls every week wanting to know if the boat they are looking at is a good deal or not. Truth is it's hard to tell by pictures alone. Here are a few of the questions I would try to get honest answers to: (this is my short list)
1) has the boat ever sunk? or flooded on the trailer from leaving the plugs in?
2) Run the boat on the lake, does it run smooth and have good power?
3) Do all instruments work?
4) Upholstery work is expensive, most ski boats begin needing upholstery work after 15-20 years, same with carpets
5) Windshield, is it in good condition? the older the ski boat the more difficult replacements get if they are available at all.
6) If the above is all good, then go into service records, ski boats have several things that should be done annually regardless of hours, a well maintained boat is always worth more, I would rather have a 1200 hour boat with good service history than a 300 hour boat that has never been serviced.
7) Trailer, 20 year old ski boats on 20 year old tires may not even get you home! Tread depth is NOT what we look for, Date codes, inner tire rub wear, rot are more important to look at, then bearings, and rust, particularly in tube chassis trailers.
8) Paperwork: does the registrations, and title match the HIN for the boat & VIN for the trailer?