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Forum Registrations & Issues
« on: March 21, 2020, 02:11:59 PM »
3/21/20 I hope everyone is doing well as we deal with the Virus Covid 19, in the meantime I have been struggling with a virus/issue of the internet type on our forum. We have added re-captcha (security program) and other security block that required a new applicant to answer various questions, do simple math, etc. to separate the real users vs the bots that have been trying to enter our site. Apparently they have figured out how to bypass all the security measures and have gained entry into our world. We have weeded them out (we were averaging 1 every 5 min.) and I have turned off the user application system. NOW anyone interested in joining our forum will need to send me an email requesting  entry.
Stay safe, and if self-quarantined I suggest prepping the boat, if you are now home schooling and you need disciplinary ideas wax-on, wax-off always works.